Club Management

Club Management software (CMS): CMS stores and maintains all the day-to-day activities of the Club. It will become your complete Club diary eliminating hard-to-access hand-written books available at any time to all authorized staff.

Club Management System describes the requirements of the each part of the software in terms of
(a) Processes to be implemented
(b) User Experience and
(c) information accepted and presented under each section.

Asset management

Club management software can reduce the stress associated with administrative tasks in operating a club. Clubs can run their business more efficiently and increase their profits by investing in club management software. Your members can benefit from having convenient access to your services, and you can reach prospective members when you create an online presence for your club and make your club more visible.

Traditional club management software can help with administrative and operational tasks such as accounting, point of sale and inventory. Additionally, there are many other ways club management software can help your club be more effective in managing its biggest expense - payroll. This includes club management solutions to manage payroll, human resource management, and time and attendance. Other systems are available to help your club such as e-publishing, email marketing, event registration, money management and membership information. All of these systems work together to help your club save time, control expenses and free your staff to focus on delivering a world class member experience.



 CMS makes easy data storage and access through user entry forms.
 Has inbuilt database back up facility for safety and reliability
 Large no of Reports are generated through this system which allows the user to view and print the data in the required format.
 User can make comparative graphical analysis of the Stock, fast moving items, consumption daily / monthly
 Corporate with Advanced Technology e.g. SMS, RF Cards, Mifare cards, Chip Cards, Bar Code Readers, Biometric Solutions, EML (Electromagnetic Lock System)


 All the different modules are interlinked with each other. Auto transfer of information from one module to other module.
 Flexible: User can declare their rules & regulations themselves.
 Expandable - Allows you to tailor a data entry screen to include items specific to your need.
 Simple - Easy installation, informative menus, help always available
 Menu Driven - No commands to learn
 Familiar Windows features



 Improve efficiency with lesser manpower.
 Improve service and better management.
 Better quality of operation.
 Reduction in clerical errors.
 Better maintenance of documents with least effort
 Total customization of services.
 Effective organization administration.
 Information at fingertips.
 Overall clarity at various levels.
 Summed up information/data/conclusion.
 Ease of documentation flow.
 Flexibility to customize reports.
 Manual entries are avoided to a great extent.
 Comprehensive - Collects all information needed by associations to maintain accurate membership rolls plus customize data fields for your specific organization needs.



 Membership Module
 Event Management Module
 Restaurant and Billing
 Room Management
 Front office Management
 House Keeping
 Time attendance
 Pay roll
 Store Management


Club Management Software Reports

Members Module Reports

 Member Details Information.
 View of Remarks
 View Members
 View Terminated Members
 View Suspended Members
 Final Bill For Members
 Members Transaction
 Address Labels
 Expiry Details Report
 View of Card Issued to Members
 View of Non Photo members
 View of Send Letters
 View Of Send Books
 View Of Reference Members List
 View Of Add On Cards
 State wise Members Information


Members Billing Module Reports

 View Of Payments
 View Of Receipts
 View Of Donors
 View Of Donors Collections
 View Of Balances
 View Of Service Cost
 View Of Bill Details
 View Of Refund Bills
 View Of Bills & Refunds
 View Of Service Totals
 Cash Summery.