Solar Street Lighting System

With the increase in urbanization in INDIA as a whole, Interactive Data Systems Ltd (IDSL) invests in staying ahead of its field by developing new solutions to complement specific projects and environments. Solar Power can be utilized where the sun energy is in abundance. In INDIA, sun is a naturally occurring and therefore free and efficient resource. IDSL is using its expertise and experience to help customers cut energy costs and achieve an ecological solution, wherever the location is.

Each system generates its own energy from the solar modules during the day. This is stored in deep cycle batteries for nighttime use. Intelligent electronics sense nightfall and automatically activate the lamp until dawn. An internal charge controller protects the battery against over charge and over discharge and all Materials are completely protected against corrosion.

The Solar street lighting systems are completely self contained, requiring no electricity line extensions and are Maintenance-free, and making them ideal for locations where utility Power is unavailable or uneconomic. IDSL Solar Systems manufactures complete outdoor lighting systems inclusive of various lights, Bulk heads, solar Inverters, solar charge controllers, and G I poles.

Each set of Solar Street Light Contains

Solar PV Panel


Solar management


 Lighting of streets
 Highway and motorways
 Car parks
 Bus stops
 Rural Roads

 Camp Sites
 Service Stations


 No utility line extensions
 No utility bills
 Fast and simple installation
 Location flexible& Rat Proof

 Automatic operation
 High reliability
 Long Life Time
 Battery Protection

Advantages of Solar Street Lights

 The day to day running and maintenance costs are slashed.
 The lack of wiring to be installed minimizes the disruption caused to, for example, at open sites and roads.
 Power outages have no impact whatsoever on street lighting in the area
 Solar street lights can be easily erected in almost all locations
 Location Flexibility
 Battery backup for cloudy or rainy days
 No scheduled maintenance for up to 5 years
 No monthly electric bills
 Safe 12 volt/24 volt circuit, no risk of electric shock
 Environmentally friendly - 100% powered by the sun, solar panels reduce fossil fuel consumption, eliminating pollution